Best Radar Detector

Best Radar Detector

Best Radar Detector

The Whistler XTR-140 is an entry-level radar detector that actually performs fairly well. This device is about the low end with regard to features and cost, but it's enough efficiency to help some citations are avoided by a casual speeder.

For significantly less than the price of numerous parking tickets, the Whistler XTR-140 is a low finish radar detector that is great. It doesn't have very many attributes, it does not have a really nice screen, and the warning sounds leave a lot to be desired, but this device does detect radar and laser pretty nicely. While this device WOn't give you miles of warning as the top of the line models do, it charges about 10% of the purchase price of these models and can provide some protection.

The XTR-140 includes an electrical cord, a windshield mount, and an operating instructions. The windshield mount is obviously pretty good as well as the suction cups stick to the window better than some of the more costly radar detectors we've analyzed. The power cord is a fairly low quality straight (not coiled) cord, but is long enough and it gets the work done. It gets the job done, although we definitely wouldn't characterize this unit as attractive.

There are just 3 user selectable features with this unit. It has 3 city modes, a highway style, a quiet mode, and a VG-2 on/off mode. The XTR-140 is unable to remember any configurations, so every single time you turn it on, youare going to have to modify your configurations back. Fortunately the default settings are that which we recommend using as we push, and no options are usually changed by us.

On the trail, we got K band discovery range with the Whistler XTR and excellent X -140, but we discovered the Ka band variety to be somewhat lacking. While we nevertheless were able to slow down in time, we had some Ka-band meetings which were too near for comfort. If you don't have much Ka-band in your area, or you can remember to drive carefully in places where Ka band is utilized, you should be able to get away with using this detector. If Ka-band is prevalent in your are, we recommend going for the protection that is best with a more expensive detector from Beltronics or Escort.

The alert tones were uncovered by us on this particular unit pretty inferior. We weren't unable to tell the distinction between the groups based on sound alone and we needed to look at the unit each time it alerted. We-don't like to take our eyes off the road if we-don't have to while this might not seem like a huge deal.

If you are planning to get started doing radar detectors, this is fantastic first unit. It's very cheap, and can be used to learn how police use radar, what groups are prevalent locally, or just to have some enjoyable where authorities are concealing to find out.

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